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Contracted Agreement Summary
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Contracted Agreement Summary

Available for download: Reference Sheet (.PDF)



We believe that it is important as a patron of this music studio that you have a clear understanding of what your obligations and responsibilities will be.

For detailed information regarding your contract, please refer to the contract itself; this is a summary document for public reference only, and does not contain specific information.

Contract Agreement Summary


  • Lessons are given and received over the period specified in your contract.
  • The period in which lessons are received may not conform with school terms.
  • Da Capo Academy tutors will give lessons at the time and location specified in your contract.

Payment of fees

  • Payment of your invoice should be received in full on or before the invoice due date.

Lesson timetable

  • Before the first lesson of each month, you will receive written confirmation of the dates and times of all lessons in that month.
  • You will be notified of holiday breaks in due course.

Missed lessons

  • You will be charged for any lessons that are not attended.
  • 24-hours’ notice must be given for a lesson cancellation.
  • If a lesson is cancelled by your teacher, you may choose between: i) carrying the lesson forward; ii) receiving a replacement lesson; iii) or, receiving a refund of the lesson fee.

Examinations, competitions and public performances

  • Students will not be entered for any examination, competition or public performance without the prior consent of all parties involved (tutor, parent and student).

Termination of tuition

  • This agreement may be ended at any time; please refer to your contract for more details.
  • Where fees are not paid on time we reserve the right to terminate this agreement.
  • This agreement must be ended by giving one month’s notice in writing; please refer to your contract for more details.


  • If in your tutor’s opinion, they feel unable to continue tuition due to unreasonable conduct this contract may be terminated and fees for any outstanding lessons may not be refundable.