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Achievement Award
Rewarding musical attainment
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Achievement Award
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Available for download: Reference Sheet (.PDF)


Da Capo Academy: Achievement Award 2019

Da Capo Academy invites you to participate in our Achievement Award for 2019.

Ellie, Summer Showcase and Awards Concert 2015

To qualify you must comply with the rules below:

  • You must be receiving tuition from a Da Capo Academy music tutor.
  • You must have a Tuition Logbook for the current academic year.
  • You must be aged eighteen or younger.
  • You must be present at the awards concert to receive the award, otherwise placement is disqualified.

Note: Adult learners can participate and will be awarded accordingly but will not receive an official ranking.


How to participate

At the end of each lesson, a predetermined number of points are awarded to participating learners. The first is the lesson reward, given based on the quality of work produced in that lesson. The second is the homework reward, determined by what homework tasks were completed. Bonus Points can be earned by completing tasks within the lesson.

At the end of the academic year (Sunday 24 November 2019), all participating learner’s points are tallied. The learner with the highest scored points will be awarded the position: Winner of the Da Capo Academy Achievement Award 2019. Learners who achieve 2nd and 3rd place positions will also be rewarded.

Note: From September 2016, all participants in any concerts showcased will be awarded a Da Capo Academy: Achievement Pin, to commemorate the courage and commitment required to take part in a concert performance.

Da Capo Academy: Achievement Award 2018
Class: 6-years and under
[1st] Joshua C.
846 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
[2nd] Annie C.
476 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
[3rd] Harvey Y.
80 Points; Duration: 18 Weeks
Class: 7 to 12 years
[1st] Alex F.
817 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
[2nd] Beatrice G.
811 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
[3rd] Yvie M.
773 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
Class: 13 to 18 years
[1st] Ellie M. M.
1270 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
[2nd] Ella M.
972 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
[3rd] Brittany L.
894 Points; Duration: 41 Weeks
Da Capo Academy: Achievement Award 2017
Class: 6-years and under
[1st] Tomas B.
713 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
[2nd] Charlotte Y.
712 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
[3rd] Joshua C.
566 Points; Duration: 26, Weeks
Class: 7 to 12 years
[1st] Thea B.
950 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
[2nd] Ellie M. M.
937 Points; Duration: 42 Weeks
[3rd] Yvie M.
914 Points; Duration: 42 Weeks
Class: 13 to 18 years
[1st] Brittany L.
693 Points; Duration: 42 Weeks
[2nd] Retha K.
689 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
[3rd] Asha N.
418 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
Da Capo Academy: Achievement Award 2016
Class: 6-years and under
[1st] Alex F.
510 Points; Duration: 43 Weeks
[2nd] Idara U.
383 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
[3rd] Tomas B.
381 Points; Duration: 43, Weeks
Class: 7 to 12 years
[1st] Ella M.
680 Points; Duration: 39 Weeks
[2nd] Ellie M. M.
650 Points; Duration: 43 Weeks
[3rd] Evangeline I.
542 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
Class: 13 to 18 years
[1st] Oseogie U.
572 Points; Duration: 43, Weeks
[2nd] Brittany L.
560 Points; Duration: 43 Weeks
[3rd] Catherine I.
462 Points; Duration: 42, Weeks
Da Capo Academy: Achievement Award 2015
Class: 7 to 12 years
[1st] Alfred L.
470 Points; Duration: 36 Weeks
[2nd] Ellie M. M.
429 Points; Duration: 36 Weeks
[3rd] Oseogie U.
400 Points; Duration: 36, Weeks
Class: 13 to 18 years
[1st] Brittany L.
442 Points; Duration: 36 Weeks
[2nd] Effie M.
414 Points; Duration: 36, Weeks
[3rd] Samuel J.
394 Points; Duration: 36, Weeks
Da Capo Academy: Achievement Award 2014
Class: 7 to 12 years
[1st] Shereen B.
205 Points; Duration: 44, Weeks
[2nd] Josiah B.
203 Points; Duration: 44, Weeks
[3rd] Anna B.
175 Points; Duration: 44, Weeks