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Music is never about you!
It’s always about the people around you!
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Music is never about you!

User image Music is never about you!
Posted by Dylan Christopher, 1 year ago
Tags: community, #dacapofamily

Music is never about you!

This is one of those moments where I cannot resist speaking my mind.  If you have clicked this article for your weekly Monday peak into my mind, my apologies.  Today I have postponed the scheduled article for one week to write about yesterday’s rehearsal.

I could not quite believe my eyes or ears; and I still can’t.  The entire journey home witnessed me proceed to literally talk at Samantha.  Two hours of rehearsal which culminated in a run through of a piece of music I had written, and even now I cannot stop thinking about it.

As many of you are aware, there is a charity concert scheduled for 26th November 2017 at St Botolph’s Church, presented by Samantha, and many of her students.  The concert is in aid of Cancer Research UK, a charity which has deep connections to Samantha, her family, and her music making.

Yesterday’s rehearsal was the first and only one to take place before the event in the church. There was a wide range of ages and abilities that all shared a common trait; support.  One of the stewards at the church even commented how impressed they were by the youngest performers, aged 6, who sat quietly, listening intently while others performed.

The final piece to be rehearsed was mine; what a treat.  As a composer, hearing your work performed is always a privilege; but hearing your work performed in the first rehearsal and hearing it come together as planned is quite literally, breath-taking.

If any of you are reading this today, I want to extend my thanks for your time and effort over the past few weeks learning your parts; I am genuinely pleased and immensely proud of you all.  A parent who snuck in to eve’s drop at the end commended your efforts and said it sounded amazing.

I am always pleasantly surprised by the power that large groups of people can generate when they come together in a community; and not just when playing music.  Even after the rehearsal, many of the parents – who, were not present at the rehearsal – walked in, to immediately lend a hand setting the church back to normal by sorting chairs and packing away the piano.

What a sight and sound; if you can make it to the concert, you will surely not be disappointed.



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Dylan completed his music training with honours at Colchester Institute, where he studied piano with Australian pianist Lesley Young, and composition with British composer Dr Mark Bellis. While studying, in 2009, Dylan won Colchester Institute’s Canon Jack Award for Solo Piano adjudicated by Andrew Ball.  A composer, promoter, and advocate of contemporary classical music, Dylan joined the membership of Colchester New Music in 2014.


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