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The Magic in the Music – Part I
Here’s why a magician cannot believe in the magic!
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The Magic in the Music – Part I

User image The Magic in the Music – Part I
Posted by Dylan Christopher, 2 years ago
Tags: practise, understanding, guide

The Magic in the Music – Part I

“Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes.
"A magic beyond all we do here!”

~ Prof. Albus Dumbledore

There are many comparisons that could be drawn between musicians and magicians; these are of course aside from the way the words are pronounced.  If we can move beyond magic, as a supernatural force, as depicted in the Harry Potter series of books and films, and view it as it is in reality, a routine of actions, we can then begin to see why music is in fact magical.

When a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, they do so with such confidence and gusto, that even the most rational of people would believe it to be true, in that moment, questioning their judgement; “how on earth did they do that?!”, they would exclaim.

After a while, the suspension of disbelief subsides, and they eventually figure out or discover, that the rabbit is actually locked away somewhere until it is needed.  Meanwhile, a person with great enthusiasm will desperately try to recreate the magic trick, to no avail; their unfortunate flaw being, that they are actually trying to pull a rabbit out of thin air.

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Dylan completed his music training with honours at Colchester Institute, where he studied piano with Australian pianist Lesley Young, and composition with British composer Dr Mark Bellis. While studying, in 2009, Dylan won Colchester Institute’s Canon Jack Award for Solo Piano adjudicated by Andrew Ball.  A composer, promoter, and advocate of contemporary classical music, Dylan joined the membership of Colchester New Music in 2014.


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