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Spotlight: Leslie C.
Commenced tuition in October 2012
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Spotlight: Leslie C.
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User image Spotlight: Leslie C.
Posted by Da Capo Academy, 2 years ago
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Spotlight: Leslie C.


  • 2015: Grade 5 Theory (Distinction)


Q: What inspired you to start learning your instrument?

A: I had told my wife, [Sara], that I had always wanted to play an instrument, so when I approached retirement and started having more spare time she encouraged me to learn the clarinet.

Q: What do you enjoy most about playing your instrument?

A: The fact that I can just pick it up and play music of my choosing gives me a real ‘buzz’, -it is a dream fulfilled.

Q: What advice would you give to someone performing for the first time?

A: Try not to be nervous, though a bit of adrenaline helps! Try not to think of the audience, and concentrate on what you are playing, particularly if you are part of a group.

Q: What are your musical aspirations?

A: I would like to play in groups with other instruments (e.g. more clarinets, flute or piano). I also want to learn how to compose and arrange music.


When he is not practising the clarinet, Leslie enjoys attending lectures on different topics (e.g. music, aviation, engineering, science) run by the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA), and going to quizzes and undertaking occasional DIY.  Leslie enjoys singing in two choirs and writing songs for use at church.


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Da Capo Academy is an independent music tuition service, founded in 2010 by Samantha and Dylan Christopher, graduates of Colchester Institute: Centre for Music and Performing Arts (CMPA).  Lessons are taught from Samantha and Dylan's residence in Colchester with a comprehensive method constantly revised to meet the needs of thier students and current standards.


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