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Annual Review 2016/2017
A review of what academic year 2016/2017 has brought us
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Annual Review 2016/2017
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User image Annual Review 2016/2017
Posted by Da Capo Academy, 2 years ago
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Annual Review 2016/2017

What a busy, tiring, but most of all, interesting and thoroughly enjoyable year it has been.

From September 2016 to July 2017, saw the enrolment of 15 new learners; a new record for any given year.  As a result, it is safe to say that there was an increase in admin tasks catering for all the newcomers.

Over the autumn term, we had ‘Session C’, ABRSM Examinations, with two Distinctions gained by Marisa S. (Grade 3), and Luke R. (Grade 1).

We introduced ‘Da Capo Academy: Achievement Pins’ at the ‘Winter Showcase’; a commemorative pin given to any performer taking part in an event hosted by us.  The concert itself also marked our first at Colchester Arts Centre; both the pins and the concert received tremendously well.

Samantha took her learners (young and old ‘not so young’) busking Christmas carols; they raised a whopping £76.25 for Cancer Research UK over a three-hour period.  As a result, she has more planned like this for next year.

In the spring term, we saw ‘Session A’, ABRSM Examinations, with one Distinction gained by Ellie M. M. (Grade 5).

Samantha also raised £116 for St Botolph's Church roof renovations in a charity recital given by Ian Ray (Piano) and herself (Clarinet).

For the second year, we entered students to compete in ‘Colchester Rotary Festival’.  After a gruelling day with stiff competition from our opponents, the students representing Da Capo Academy, did us proud. We managed to take ranking positions in all classes entered making for a very successful day! We achieved: 4 Gold Awards, 2 Silver Awards and 4 Bronze Awards.A job well done!

A job well done!

Our ‘Summer Showcase and Awards Concert’, the second hosted at Colchester Arts Centre, was a treat with some touching performances, notably two first performances by Joshua C. (5yrs) and Charlotte Y. (6yrs), and a first-time duo of students Ellie M. M. (Piano) and Brittany L. (Clarinet).

This concert marked the fourth Achievement Award presentation, with prize-winners for this year announced as Tomas B. (713 Points), Thea B. (950 Points) and Brittany L. (693 Points).  A new all-time record set by Thea B..

The final session for the academic year, ABRSM Examination ‘Session B’ saw six distinctions gained by, Alex F. (Grade 1), Ella M. (Grade 2), Pragati S. (Grade 1), Retha K. (Grade 4), Thomas B. (Grade 1 Theory).

This week has our final event of the year, a free concert at St Botolph’s Church, Colchester.  A number of students will be performing, both solo, and in, duos and duets, with Samantha and Dylan.

  • Update (26/07/2017, 5 pm): With over seventy souls in attendance, we raised £180.56 for St Botolph's Church roof renovations.

Thank you for another wonderful year of music-making; this is the final article to be posted for the academic year.

New articles will arrive from 4 September 2017.



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Da Capo Academy is an independent music tuition service, founded in 2010 by Samantha and Dylan Christopher, graduates of Colchester Institute: Centre for Music and Performing Arts (CMPA).  Lessons are taught from Samantha and Dylan's residence in Colchester with a comprehensive method constantly revised to meet the needs of thier students and current standards.


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